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I am an experienced and dedicated guitarist and teacher, capable of guiding complete beginners and more advanced musicians alike towards improving both as guitarists and musicians.

I operate from my home studio where I spend the majority of my time writing, recording and teaching music. It is important when learning any instrument to have a genuine love and interest in music, whatever form it may be, so for this reason I encourage my students to learn through playing their favourite songs and moulding their own personal styles through finding their own influences and in this way I cater to any individual needs and aspirations of my students.


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As well as being an avid guitarist I am also a committed songwriter with years of experience writing music ranging from rock and progressive music to acoustic and folk music – another skill I enjoy sharing with students.

I have achieved distinction in all eight guitar grades (RGT) between the years 2010 and 2013.

I currently contribute guitar to several projects, including Oraton (for whom I also compose all songs) and Kribbar.

Oraton - Twilight Baptism

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"Perdurabo" (Original Instrumental)

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